5 Romantic Couple's Activities to Enjoy in Longstock

5 Romantic Couple's Activities to Enjoy in Longstock

Longstock is the perfect destination for couples looking to ignite the spark of romance.

Whether it's a luxurious spa day or a leisurely walk around town, there are plenty of activities for two that will fill your days with joy and adventure.

From picturesque waterfalls to charming restaurants, this incredible town has it all, and here are five romantic couple's activities to enjoy in Longstock.

1. Charlton Lakeside

Charlton Lakeside is an ideal spot for couples desiring a day filled with serenity and scenic beauty.

This tranquil haven is home to an array of wildlife, and the pristine water of the lake mirrors the lush greenery that surrounds it. Couples can enjoy a peaceful walk around the lake or a leisurely picnic amidst nature.

The boat hire facility offers a unique opportunity to row across the lake, adding a touch of adventure to your romantic escapade.

The quiet charm of Charlton Lakeside makes it a must-visit place in Longstock for couples seeking both relaxation and romance.

2. Mottisfont

If you're a couple who appreciate history and culture, a visit to Mottisfont should be on your itinerary.

This historical priory turned country estate is replete with charm and character. The highlight is the beautiful romantic walled gardens, where you can stroll through the breathtaking rose displays that peak in June.

The art enthusiasts will find a treasure trove in Mottisfont's gallery, which hosts changing exhibitions of contemporary and 20th-century art.

While here, don't miss the chance to explore the medieval cellarium and the stunning drawing room.

Finally, wrap up your visit at the on-site café, savouring a delightful cream tea while soaking in the beauty of your surroundings.

Mottisfont offers a perfect blend of history, art and nature, promising a truly romantic day out in Longstock.

3. Thruxton Race Circuit

For those couples with a penchant for thrill and excitement, a day at the Thruxton Race Circuit is a fantastic choice.

Known as the fastest circuit in the UK, Thruxton provides a thrilling spectacle of high-speed motor racing that is guaranteed to get your hearts racing.

From supercar experiences to touring car championships, the circuit offers a range of events throughout the year that are sure to satisfy any speed enthusiast.

For a change of pace, the circuit also offers skid pan driving experiences, allowing you to test your skills in a safe and controlled environment.

A day at Thruxton Race Circuit offers an adrenaline-fuelled escape from the traditional romantic activities, making it a must-visit spot for couples seeking an adventurous day out in Longstock.

4. Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

Nestled in the heart of Longstock, Sir Harold Hillier Gardens presents a mesmerising day out for couples who have a soft spot for nature and horticulture.

The garden is home to one of the world's most comprehensive collections of hardy trees and shrubs, spread across 180 acres of beautifully designed landscapes.

As you take a leisurely stroll through these gardens, you'll be treated to a year-round spectacle of changing colours and scents. Don't miss the Centenary Border, one of the longest double mixed borders in the country, displaying an array of plants for every season.

For a more intimate rendezvous, stop by the peaceful Jermyn's House, the original Manor House, which is surrounded by a charming walled garden.

Whether it be summer picnics amidst blooming roses or romantic winter walks under the arboreal canopy, Sir Harold Hillier Gardens offers a fantastic array of sensory experiences, making it an ideal romantic retreat in Longstock.

5. The Peat Spade Inn

The Peat Spade Inn is the perfect spot for couples seeking to experience authentic British hospitality.

Situated in the charming village of Longstock, this quintessentially English inn offers a cosy and romantic atmosphere.

Its rustic charm is complemented by modern comforts, ensuring a delightful stay. The inn prides itself on its exquisite menu that celebrates the best of British pub cuisine, using locally sourced ingredients.

Its elegant dining room provides the perfect setting for a romantic dinner. With a carefully curated selection of local ales and fine wines, an evening at The Peat Spade Inn promises a memorable culinary experience.

For those wishing to extend their visit, the inn also features comfortable and beautifully furnished rooms, each offering peaceful views of the Test Valley countryside.

The Peat Spade Inn is more than just a place to dine; it offers a truly immersive experience, capturing the essence of Longstock’s rural idyll, making it an indispensable part of your romantic journey in Longstock.

Couples can also enjoy a spot of decadent afternoon tea and even bring your dog along too!

Have a Romantic Getaway in Longstock

Longstock is a place of romance, brimming with activities that cater to all kinds of couples.

Whether it's seeking tranquillity in the stunning landscapes, delving into the rich history and culture, experiencing adrenaline-pumping fun, exploring an array of botanical wonders, or indulging in the finest local cuisine, this charming town has something for everyone.

So why wait? Embark on a journey to Longstock and create unforgettable moments with your loved one.

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