Elevate Your Pub And Dining Experience With The Peat Spade

Elevate Your Pub And Dining Experience With The Peat Spade

If you are looking for:

  • Serene Picnic Point
  • Lifetime Pub and Dining Experience
  • Exceptional traditional English food
  • Comfy Stay

Then, we welcome you to one of the best pubs and dining you will ever come across in Hampshire, where you will find everything you need to make your trip unforgettable.

Peat Spade Pub and Dining

In the beautiful town of Longstock in Northern Hampshire, the Peat Spade Inn offers one of the best pubs and eating encounters.

The facilities it offers are:

  • Beer Garden
  • Craft Beer
  • Dog-friendly rooms
  • Breakfast
  • Gastro Pub
  • Log Fires
  • Convenient Parking
  • Complimentary WiFi

What Makes Peat Spade Unique?

There are plenty of reasons Peat Spade can make your adventure one of the most memorable.

Beautiful, Historic, and Charming Location

Imagine yourself in the exposed beams, flickering fires in the winter, and an overall modest yet polished design that speaks of classic appeal and makes the space feel warm and welcoming.

Also, because it's close to Test Way, the Peat Spade is a popular stop for walkers to get tasty pub food. Additionally, it's a great place to stop for people visiting the nearby ancient cities of Salisbury and Winchester.

Traditional English Food

One of the best features of Peat Spade Pub and Dining is its cuisine. We use local foods and highlight seasonal specialities.

A superb mix of old and modern charm, there's something for everyone. The menu has everything from innovative cuisine to pub classics. There are soups, honey-glazed gammon, seafood platters, roasts with delicious meat, and juicy delight.

Several vegetarian and vegan meals are available, including a vegan option.

Homely Stay

Add a touch of cosiness and warmth to your stay with Peat Spades. Among the exquisite inns and pubs owned by Upham Inns is the amazing Peat Spades, which has comfortable accommodations.

Whether you're there for a long trip or just the weekend, the bar is a peaceful place to stay where comfort and relaxation are paramount.

Relax in one of the lovely vacation suites while taking in the view from one of the many gorgeous terraces or gardens. Don't forget to indulge in one of their mouthwatering meals in the morning.


Bring your friend or partner with you. You can enjoy traditional English food at the Peat Spade pub and restaurant with your dog, and then take your best friend for a walk while taking in the beautiful views of Longstock.

Up to two dogs can stay with you in a room, as long as there is space, for £20 per pet, per night. Each dog will have their own bed, rug, bowl, and welcome box full of tasty treats.

Perfect For Private Festivals

The Peat Spade Inn's versatility makes it ideal for your next event. The dedicated chefs offer various menu options to suit your event and palate.

You may choose from a buffet with sandwiches, finger food, or our extensive choice of tacos, sliders, and bowls for any celebration, memorial, or gathering, from bite-sized appetisers to three-course set menus for a delightful dining experience.

We showcase the most outstanding British cuisine and promote regional farmers using only the freshest seasonal food.

Not Your Ordinary Stay

There is much more to explore in Longstock while making your stay comfortable and memorable at Peat Spade.

While enjoying your stay at the Peat Spade, you can roam around to some of the best nearby places, including:

  • Longstock Park Water Garden
    Enjoy the peaceful waterscape of this lovely garden, filled with charming wooden bridges. Walk along the beautiful curved paths and admire the scenic gardens with various plants.
  • Leckford Golf Courses
    Enjoy your free time playing golf championships outside the Leckford Golf Course. Dynamic golf courses open all year round in the gorgeous Test Valley and are suitable for all skill levels.
  • Baby Sensory
    Baby Sensory gives you easy, innovative ideas for massage, tummy time, visual development, and movement with your kids at home.
  • River Test
    Enjoy a peaceful walk at the River Test chalk stream in Hampshire.
  • Spitfire Shoot
    Practise in a serene clay pigeon shooting school that will give you a five-star experience.
  • Chilbolton Cow Common
    You can walk your dogs in this lovely, relaxed area near the river.

Pubs and Restaurants

For a more exciting bar and restaurant experience close to Peat Spade, here are some great places sure to stand out.

  • The Mayfly: Enjoy the iconic riverside pub experience with delicious meals and cycling routes.
  • Abbots Mitre: A traditional English food with some locally sourced ingredients freshly prepared for you.
  • The White Lion Inn: Relish exceptional beer experience with draught beers and lagers.
  • The Clatford Arms: Spend a peaceful time with your family at a privately owned "free-house" pub.
  • Royal Oak: Taste some of the chef’s' secret specials at the Royal Oak dog-friendly pub.
  • Longstock Farm Shop and Cafe: Enjoying farmly fresh goodness with their locally and regionally sourced quality food.
  • Prego Dining and Deli: Classic Italian cuisine in a cosy environment that will surely satisfy your tastebuds.
  • Clos du Marquis French Restaurant: You can look around the market town and savour the simple beauty of French cuisine in a cosy and relaxing space.

Banks and Hospitals

Longstock is a small village, and it's hard to find banks and hospitals there. However, you can get all your medical and banking services in Stockbridge or Winchester town.


What kind of trip are you planning? Is it for business, your dream wedding, a trip to see stunning natural beauty, a special celebration, or just relaxing after a busy day?

So, whatever you like, the Peat Spade culinary adventure away from the much-visited tourist paths in the middle of Hampshire is your place to relax and chill.

With over 500+ rated stars, it is one of the hidden gems to visit and experience the ultimate traditional English food adventure.

Hurry up! Book your reservation today at the Peat Spade Pub and Dining and be wildly awesome.

Hoping to see you soon.

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