Peat Spade Pub and Dining: All you need in one place

Peat Spade Pub and Dining: All you need in one place

To all the nature lovers, this is your chance to put this location on your bucket list for when you return.

Whether you want to spend some quiet time in the great outdoors while enjoying some of the scenic bar and eating experiences, or you're searching for a romantic hideaway or the ideal place to visit and take beautiful pictures with the one you love?

That's it. We have found a location where you may find everything you need to make your trip unforgettable.

Peat Spade Pub and Dining

Situated in the gorgeous village of Longstock in the central region of Hampshire, the Peat Spade Inn offers a magnificent setting with one of the finest pub and dining experiences.

Situated in the captivating Test Valley District, the Peat Spade Inn is a warm and inviting hideaway for individuals who enjoy country activities and is just a short distance from Stockbridge, the world-renowned fly-fishing destination. The rivers and downs around the inn offer some of the best shooting and fishing in the world.

Why Peat Spade Pub and Dining?

There are plenty of reasons why Peat Spade can make your adventure one of the most memorable ones.

  • A visually pleasing location with history and ambience
    Located in the charming Longstock village of the Test Valley district, the Peat Spade Inn's history is rooted back in ancient times. It was once a coaching inn and has been able to blend modern facilities with a timeless charm.

    As you enter, a warm and inviting ambience welcomes you, amplified by exposed beams, flickering fireplaces in the winter, and an all-around tasteful yet sophisticated design that speaks of classic appeal.

    The Peat Spade is also a popular pull-by for walkers to stop by on their way to refuel with some delicious pub food since it is close to Test Way. For visitors travelling to the neighbouring historic cities of Salisbury and Winchester, it's also an excellent place to stop.
  • Culinary heaven to satisfy your tastebuds
    One of the greatest assets of the Peat Spade Pub and Dining is its superb food. The ingredients are locally sourced, and the menu highlights what is the best in the season.

    There is something for every taste, a great blend of traditional charm and modern appeal. From creative culinary dishes to classic pub favourites, there is so much on the menu to discover. You name it: soups, honey-glazed gammon, seafood platters, Main course roasts with succulent beef, juicy joy.

    The food menu at Peat Spade is the most unique feature that distinguishes it from other restaurants. Several of the dishes are also available vegetarian or vegan, and there is even a vegan alternative option.
  • Homely stay with Peat Spades Inn
    Make your stay welcoming and homely with Peat Spades. A remarkable pub with cosy rooms to stay in, the Peat Spades is one of Upham Inns' collection of luxurious pubs and inns.

    Whether you are there for a quick weekend stay or a longer adventure, the pub offers accommodations for a peaceful haven where comfort and relaxation are their priority.

    With a perfect blend of historic charms and modern style, you will get the scenic setting provided by the surrounding area that attracts visitors to discover the natural charm of the Hampshire countryside.

    Enjoy your stay in the charming bedrooms perfect for vacations and admire the scenery from their lush green gardens and terraces. Don't forget to savour their delicious breakfasts in the morning.
  • Play with Paw-fect Friend
    Now you don't have to leave your dog with your neighbours or friends, bring him with you. Yes, you heard it right, Dogs are a part of the family and your vacations can become more memorable with your perfect partner in crime as Peat Spades is dog-friendly.

    As long as availability allows, you can accommodate up to two dogs per room for a cost of £20 per pet each night. Each dog gets its bed, blanket, bowl, and a welcome box of delicious treats.
  • Your Perfect Happy Occasion
    The Peat Spade Inn’s versatile area will make it suitable if you're looking for the right setting for your next event. A variety of solutions are provided by their committed team of chefs to suit your event and satisfy your tastebuds.

    You can select from a selection of buffet options that include sandwiches, finger food, or their wide range of tacos, sliders, and bowls for any celebration, memorial, or gathering. From bite-sized appetisers for your guests to munch on to three-course set menus perfect for a joyful dining experience.

    They use only the freshest seasonal produce to prepare all of their dishes, supporting regional producers and highlighting some of the best British cuisine.

    If you need a place to rest before and after the occasion, there are rooms available on-site. Don't forget to ask about scheduling it as Peat Spade is also there to rescue. They will help you in creating a special package for you and all of your guests.

Not just an ordinary stay

There is much more to explore in Longstock while making your stay comfortable and memorable at Peat Spade.

  • Longstock Park Water Garden
    If you want an ideal atmosphere for relaxing down and taking in the most breathtaking views throughout the year, then here it is. Enjoy the peaceful waterscape of this lovely garden, filled with charming wooden bridges. Walk along the beautiful curved paths and admire the scenic gardens with a variety of beautiful plants.
  • Leckford Golf Courses
    To all the passionate Golf lovers, this place won't disappoint you. Enjoy your free time by playing golf championship outside on the Leckford Golf courses. Dynamic golf courses open all year round in the gorgeous Test Valley, suitable for all skill levels.


Hence, The Peat Spade Inn extends a warm welcome to anybody searching for a culinary adventure away from the experienced tourist routes in the heart of Hampshire.

It's not simply a restaurant, but a lifetime experience.

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