Peat Spade Stockbridge: 5 of The Most Gorgeous Shops and Pubs to Visit in Stockbridge

Peat Spade Stockbridge: 5 of The Most Gorgeous Shops and Pubs to Visit in Stockbridge

An area where Martin Luther King was born and where he first stepped into the Civil Rights Movement, Stockbridge is not only a spot of attraction for its historical significance but also an endless outdoor escapade for curious explorers. Stockbridge is the hub of pubs, restaurants, and adventurous places to visit. I will confer the five best pubs and shops to visit in Stockbridge.

Peat Spade Inn

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and step into the serenity of Peat Spade Inn, where time slows down, and nature's charm takes center stage. Nestled in Test Valley, less than a mile from Stockbridge, our countryside inn is more than just a place to rest your head—it's a sanctuary of comfort, peace, and tranquillity.

Whether you seek a quiet weekend getaway, a taste of rural life, or simply a moment of respite, Peat Spade Inn beckons you to experience the beauty of simplicity in a setting that feels like home.

Just a mile away from Stockbridge, you can still access the city experiences in no time while staying at Peat Spade Inn.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Stockbridge

The following are the best 5 places to visit in Stockbridge when you stay at Peat Spade Inn.

  • The Mayfly
    The Mayfly is located in rural Hampshire, where time flies, and so does the fish. Placed near Stockbridge in the heart of the Test Valley, let's dive into this scenic delight of a riverside pub. Serving global food with outdoor seating and a lazy river bank, the Mayfly bestows the sensation of cinematic nature that gives an experience of delight.

    Mayfly is not only about food and views; it also is a fly-fishing spot with appealing walking and cycling routes that provide an escape from hectic and rowdy routines. 

    Moreover, The Mayfly gives a hospitable welcome with a feeling of sustainability. It provides the option to serve food in the garden basking under the sun. The wood-burning stoves in the Mayfly give cosy and homely feelings in winters. A variety of drinks surrounded by vivid landscape, is nothing more than a treasure trove.
  • Royal Oak
    Royal Oak is where the guests are welcomed as warmly as their hog roasts and the environment is as sizzling as their barbecue. 

    If you carry your dog around to places, then Royal Oak is the place you must visit. Royal Oak is a family place in the rolling hills of Test Valley with quality food and a variety of drinks. The captivating scenes of nature reduce stress and increase pleasant feelings.

    Royal Oak is a restaurant that serves modest food, including BBQ specialities. It does not only welcome meat lovers but also has various vegetarian and vegan options. The pub provides quality drinks and has multiple drink options, including red wine along with rose and white ones. 

    The Royal Oak also has interesting and engaging Wednesday quiz nights, where guests participate in quizzes and win prizes for them. The tricky brain-bending questions with a seasonal twist not only get the guests prizes but also a night full of fun and laughter. 
  • Hobby Island
    Hobby Island is a dreamy place for enthusiasts of arts and crafts. Even if you are not a fan of art, you must visit this artistic Shop where creativity meets convenience.

    In Hobby Island, quality mosaic products are found with great customer service, providing guidance and meeting the needs of customers. Hobby Island is a wonderland that has a variety of 3,000 unique products.

    To match the expectations of customers’ crafty souls, Hobby Island serves classical elegance, contemporary chic, and modern vibes. While on your visit to Stockbridge, don’t forget to sneak into this craft beauty. 
  • The White Lion Inn
    Indulge in the symphony of flavours, crafted with utmost perfection. At White Lion Inn, they don't just serve drinks, but craft experiences. One can taste the essence of their orchards in every sip. With a range of Draught selections from the Italian Sunshine Birra Moretti to a classic English touch of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, it offers whatever one could ever wish. The Fosters, Aspalls, Thatcher’s Gold and Haze are surely to die for.

    No matter if you want to experience the Mediterranean flavours or some timeless Irish favourites, The White Lion Inn is an all-in-one. Embrace the bold flavours of Doom Bar or embark on an epic journey across the Atlantic with their divine beer collection. 
  • Longstock Farm Shop & Cafe
    Longstock Farm Shop & Café is a place where every visit is a commitment to purity and freshness. Nestled in the embrace of their farms, they provide you with the healthiest options out there. Just picture yourself sitting in a cafe surrounded by the redolent fragrance of freshly baked goodies. Each of the flavours has a story of its own- from harvesting to serving on your table. 

    Apart from the beauty of their café, Longstock Farm shop provides groceries, snacks, and baked items which are the best of fresh British production. The convenience of café and shop together makes it an incredibly appealing place in Stockbridge to visit. The long drive to the shop and an outdoor garden area into the world of butterflies provides a great distraction from hectic routines. 


Stockbridge is the centre point of attention for tourists and locals. It has many pubs, shops and restaurants to entertain the guests but above mentioned five are the best places to visit for their warm welcome to great food to amazing mesmerising views, these places provide nothing less than adventurous heaven where one can forget about the worries of life. 

You can visit all these beautiful places conveniently while staying at Peat Spade Inn. Enjoy the beauty of Stockbridge and then relax in the serenity of our country-side Inn after a long day of exploring!

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